When Heirs Collide

Add comment October 20th, 2014 01:38pm Julia M. Greenberg

In its weekend edition of September 27-28, 2014, as the lead story in its “Weekend Investor” section, The Wall Street Journal published an article by veteran reporter, Liz Moyer, entitled “When Heirs Collide.” The article is sub-titled “Fights over estates can tear families apart – and it’s not just about the money. Here are guidelines for keeping the peace.”

According to the article, “Roughly 70% of families lose a chunk of their inherited wealth, mostly due to estate battles . . . .”

The article relies in part on information provided by Lamson & Cutner attorney, David Cutner. It quotes Mr. Cutner as stating “It’s not about the money. It’s more about ‘Did Mom or Dad love me?’”

Those who are or will be involved in estate proceedings will benefit from reading this article.

Here is a link to the article: [link to WSJ Article: http://online.wsj.com/articles/when-heirs-collide-1411749577]

Inside the Minds

Add comment October 10th, 2014 04:51pm Julia M. Greenberg

Aspatore Books, an imprint of Thomson Reuters, has just published a new book in their “Inside the Minds” series. The book is entitled: Elder Law Client Strategies in New York. The book is sub-titled: Leading Lawyers on Understanding the Changing Landscape of Elder Law and Its Affect on Client Needs.

According to Aspatore, “The different niches represented and the breadth of perspectives presented enable readers to get inside some of the great legal minds of today, as these experienced lawyers offer up their thoughts on the keys to success within this rapidly expanding area of law. . . Each chapter offers thought leadership and expert analysis. . . .”

Chapter One on “Planning and Paying for Long-Term Care” was written by David Cutner of Lamson & Cutner, P.C.

The book is currently available through the Thomson Reuters website (www.thomsonreuters.com) or on Amazon.

Observation Status and the “Pumpkin Rule” under Medicare Coverage

Add comment January 29th, 2014 12:09pm Traci D. Blake, JD, MSW

As the cost of decent Nursing Home care in New York City steadily increases towards $20,000 per month, families must remain vigilant and proactive in the medical treatment of their loved ones who are on Medicare during a hospital stay. Medicare will pay for (more…)

Reader Comments

Add comment October 9th, 2013 12:37pm David A. Cutner

Lamson & Cutner is always happy to hear from readers of The Best Elder Law Blog.  Recently we received a comment from Sharon R. Hammersley, R.N., that pleased us very much.  Sharon said:

“Thank you for the best website for information on Elder Law and Estate Planning. Thank you for all the common sense information your firm makes available so we have a better understanding of these complicated subjects. Keep up the great work.”

Sharon’s comment specifically referenced an older blog posting that discussed the federal gift tax exclusion.  The exclusion amount has since been increased to $14,000. Otherwise, all of the information contained in that posting [link] is still applicable.

We hope that more readers will respond to our blog.  In particular, we would like to know if you have particular topics that you would like us to address in future blog postings, or in future issues of our free monthly newsletter, The Elder Law Exchange.  If you don’t already subscribe to the newsletter, you can sign up here.

The Affordable Care Act and the New York Exchange

Add comment October 8th, 2013 06:36am Traci D. Blake, JD, MSW

Last week, the insurance marketplaces created by Federal and State governments under the Affordable Care act opened to the public. These online exchanges are the means for individuals and families to enroll into healthcare plans provided under the Affordable Care Act. Over 36 states participate in a federally run internet exchange while New York is (more…)

STAR Property Tax Exemption Deadline

Add comment October 4th, 2013 12:24pm Traci D. Blake, JD, MSW

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has released a notice that homeowners receiving a Basic STAR property tax exemption must register with (more…)

Minimum Wage and Overtime Protections Extended to Home Aides

Add comment September 20th, 2013 01:34pm Traci D. Blake, JD, MSW

Earlier this week, the Obama Administration issued a new regulation to extend Minimum Wage and Overtime Protections to Home Aides who care for disabled persons and older adults. Starting on January 1, 2015, all (more…)

Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, Leading to Dramatic Expansion of Federal Benefits and Programs to Married Same-Sex New Yorkers

Add comment June 26th, 2013 04:31pm Julia M. Greenberg

Today, the Supreme Court struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the federal law that defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman and denied same-sex married couples eligibility for over 1,000 federal laws, programs and benefits, such as Social Security survivors’ benefits, insurance benefits, immigration rights, family leave and tax filing. (more…)

David Cutner and Julia Greenberg recent TV interviews

Add comment May 31st, 2013 11:32am David A. Cutner

If you missed David Cutner or Julia Greenberg in their recent TV interviews, videos are now available on Lamson & Cutner’s website.

In two, half-hour, segments that aired on Time Warner Cable channels on March 19 and April 2, David Cutner provided extensive answers and discussion on important legal issues for seniors.  The shows were sponsored by Alzheimer’s Awareness.

On Columbia News Tonight on February 22, Julia Greenberg gave an impressive interview about Elder Law and Medicaid.

View all of these important TV interviews at www.lamson-cutner.com.

David Cutner joins a City Bar panel for a discussion entitled: “The Keys to Senior Life Planning: Documents, Dollars, & Doing.”

Add comment May 27th, 2013 11:51am Julia M. Greenberg

Lamson & Cutner founding partner David Cutner joins a panel of distinguished speakers for a discussion entitled: “The Keys to Senior Life Planning: Documents, Dollars, & Doing.” (more…)

David Cutner & VNSNY Twitter Chat on Demystifying Long-Term Care Insurance

Add comment April 24th, 2013 11:09am Julia M. Greenberg

Join David Cutner, the Visiting Nurse Service of NY, and other caregivers on a Twitter chat, Thursday, April 25 from 1-2 pm ET using hashtag #VNSNYchat. “Demystifying Long-Term Care Insurance” is the topic of this Twitter chat.  For more information go to http://www.vnsny.org/vnsnychat/.

Go to this link for the Twitter Chat Transcript:  http://www.vnsny.org/vnsnychat/demystifying-long-term-care-insurance/


Add comment April 5th, 2013 09:18am David A. Cutner

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published the results of an extensive study led by the RAND Corporation into the costs of caring for patients afflicted with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The number of people affected, and the costs of their care, are turning dementia into the (more…)

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